Zac’s Backs: NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

Welcome back to the only NFL picks here on Associated Content that have gone flawless both in playoff games and political predictions. This is Zac’s Backs.
The Kid started off strong last week, going 4-0 during Wild Card weekend. Truth be told, there was some ugly football played last week. Not one of the four teams that advanced looked like championship material. The playoffs can be unpredictable, though, and you can never be 100 percent sure about anything. With that said, here are my picks for the Divisional Playoff games.

Seattle at Green Bay

We all watched as Seattle held firm control over Washington for about three quarters of football before taking a five-minute nap, during which the Redskins attempted to make things interested. Washington finally fell apart as almost everybody expected and the Seahawks coasted into this match-up against the Packers. For this game to have been made more interesting, Seattle needed to show something in their Wild Card game at home. What they showed is the same inconsistency that has been prevalent throughout this entire season.

This game isn’t so much about Brett Favre and his legacy as it is about Seattle’s inability to play as a good team for any real length of time. On paper I think these two teams actually match-up pretty well. Unfortunately for Seattle, football games are still played on the field and the Seahawks can’t beat the Packers in Green Bay.

Winner: Green Bay

Jacksonville at New England

Jacksonville was supposed to use their game against the Steelers as a stepping stone of sorts towards New England. Last week should have been the game where the Jags proved that they could compete with the Pats. Instead, Jacksonville allowed a less-than-good Steelers team to comeback before finally squeaking out a victory.

That type of play just isn’t going to cut it against an undefeated football team. I don’t expect the Patriots to have much trouble with Jacksonville in this contest.

Winner: New England

San Diego at Indianapolis

San Diego is another team that was supposed to impress during Wild Card weekend. Granted, the game against Tennessee was never really in doubt (at least in my eyes). Still, the Chargers looked far from “super” during their home playoff game. They’ll have to play much better in Indy.

Meanwhile, the Colts have been the most disrespected team the NFL has seen for quite sometime. The defending Super Bowl champs have been overshadowed by the Patriots since week one and I believe that they have enjoyed every minute of it. A home game for Peyton Manning with the added perk that there is little pressure on his and his team should equal a double-digit victory this weekend.

Winner: Tennessee

New York football Giants at Dallas Cowboys

Get that monkey off of your back, Eli! Manning looked pretty darn good during his first career playoff victory as the Giants offense executed a game plan that was close to flawless for most of the contest. Flawless is what they’re going to have to be at Dallas. Will I go with my heart once again this week?

You betcha.

If the Giants are ever going to have a real chance of defeating the Cowboys this season, the time is now. The Cowboys are beat up and doubting themselves after closing out the season with less-than-stellar play. Meanwhile, the Giants are playing their best football of this season and appear to be growing in confidence. Call me a homer all you want, but I’ll be the only person to say it.

Winner: New York football Giants

That’s all for me. As always you’ve been fantastic. Enjoy the primaries.

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